Windows: Selecting the Right Windows for your home / house/ apartment

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Selecting the Ideal / Right Windows for your home / house / apartment

Tons of residents in Singapore installed the wrong type of windows. Below are all the information you need to know about installing the right window for your home.

In Singapore, most of the houses will install aluminium window as it is:

  • cost efficient
  • strong resistance against time
  • scratches
  • weather

Aluminium window can be seem in almost all new or renovated  buildings and houses. You might ask, since all houses installed aluminium window, what is the main concern about when choosing your window?

Colour of window

Aluminium windows can come in different colour by choosing whether its powder coated.

Powder coating:

  • provide homeowners variety of colours
  • Selecting the correct colour will help homeowner improve
  • the design
  • appearance of their home.

Without powder coating, the original metallic colour of aluminium also looks elegant and attractive. Therefore, the colours to chose will very much depend on the design of your home.

selecting right windows

Types of window

  • Casement
  • Sliding
  • Bi-fold
  • Adjustable Louver

If you need to know how each type of window look like, do look at A & V Aluminium product page.

The type of windows to choose will depend on the the ways you will be using your window and the location of your window.

Corridor window

Windows located along corridor:

  • neighbours will be passing by
  • your window have to be sliding
  • not allowed to use casement or bi-fold not only because of the regulation from BCA
  • but for the safety of others

selecting right windows

Kitchen window

Kitchen Windows:

  • Casement or bi-fold window are more preferred
  • Casement or bi-fold allows you to have full view from your window
  • More ventilation and light to enter your house.

Some points to take note:

  • If washing machine and dryer is near the windows
  • which will block your access to the windows
  • sliding window is a better choice

Bedroom and living Room window

  • Casement or bi-fold would be the ideal choice
  • Sliding windows are the only choice, if situated at corridor
  • Designed of house and your usage of windows will affect the selection of the windows

selecting right windows

Adjustable louver window

  • Very old school design
  • Used in the 1980s
  • Not attractive
  • Not recommended by designers
  • unless owner requested
  • Use mostly in toilets

selecting right windows

Glass Windows

Window glass type:

  • Clear
  • Opaque
  • Frosted

Corridor windows

  • Frosted glass will be preferred for your window along the corridor
  • More privacy
  • Security
  • Blur view of the internal of your house
  • Allows entry of light

selecting right windows

Kitchen, bedroom and living room windows

  • Clear glass will be most preferred
  • Allow maximum light penetration
  • Brighten up your home

selecting right windows

Number of window panels

  • There is a regulation by HDB regarding the number of panels you can have.
  • Number of panels will depend on the length of the window area which HDB has a regulation on.
  • See HDB Guidelines for window


A & V Aluminium provide FREE locks when your install in your windows with them. Most locks work fine whether its with key or not except when young children is involve.



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