Soundproof Windows is increasing in many household

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Have you ever consider installing Soundproof Windows in your Apartment?

Do you know why more and more HDB household install Soundproof windows?

Aluminium Soundproof Windows reduce the noise levels in your apartment providing you with a peaceful, relaxing atmosphere and surrounding.  Thus, Aluminium Soundproof Windows is one of the number one choice for many homes and offices.

  • HDB/Condo units are situated near to noise polluted areas like traffics, mrt stations, hawker, construction site etc…
  • Apartment is located near to expressway whereby noise is unavoidable
  • HDB flat situated near playgrounds and coffee shops where children are playing.
  • Inhibit unbearable construction noise in surrounding area
  • Provides more privacy and peace time for the owner
  • Solely want to have a very quiet and peaceful environment and no disturbance from the ‘outside world’

aluminium Soundproof windowsThis is an example of how our Aluminium Soundproof Windows are manufactured. We use the best quality double glazed glass in our Aluminium Soundproof Windows to ensure that you have the maximum reduction of noise from the other side. It consists of two layers of glass with metal in between. This will gives you a 15 mm layer (two 5mm glass sheets separate by 5mm metal strip in the frame). The vacuum in between will inhibit sounds passing through.



Aluminium Soundproof Windows are able to reduce up to 50% to 70% noise level based on the level of your unit.  Units situated at the lower floors can typically expect noise reduction of up to 80%.

Aluminium Soundproof windows

More benefits of Aluminum Soundproof Windows:

  • Aluminium Soundproof Windows control temperature – Keeps interior cool on a hot day
  • Aluminium Soundproof Windows thick glass also help to enhance the security of the house and safety of the members.



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