Selecting Suitable Aluminium Windows for your Home / Apartment

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Selecting Suitable Aluminium Windows for your Home / Apartment

Having trouble choosing suitable aluminium window for your house. There are 2 main type of aluminium windows to choose from. These aluminium windows are casement & Sliding windows. Below are the advantages for sliding & casement windows. These information will help you to choose the ideal aluminium windows that suits your home / apartment.

Aluminium Windows are the most popular window options out there. Since they operate on sliding & hinges mechanisms, the manual effort of operating them is very easy and is more convenient for the elderly.

Benefits of Sliding Windows

  • Provide Clear views – sliding windows offer a large, clear view, allowing better view and increase light intensity
  • Easy-to-use – sliding windows are installed on rollers and can be opened easily. This make sliding windows ideal for elderly.
  • Require minimal maintenance – sliding windows have lesser parts than other types of windows. Moreover, sliding windows can easily be disassemble for cleaning.

aluminium windowsAluminium Sliding windows, also called slider windows, require very low maintenance allowing easy external cleaning.

Aluminium windows come in a wide variety of colour, style, material and finishing options, giving you flexibility in finding the sliding windows that best fit the needs of your home or business.

In Singapore, Aluminium Windows are the preferred choice for HDB and Condo units.

Casement windows

Casement windows are attached to window frame by one or more hinges. They are so easy to open, are ideal for hard-to-reach places, such as over counter tops and sinks.

Casement windows have very secure locking mechanisms. Aluminium windows have better compression to close tightly against the frame. Therefore, Casement type is mostly used for soundproof windows too.

Benefits of Casement Windows

  • Provide safety and security – Aluminium casement windows have secured locking mechanism fixed onto the frame of the aluminium casement windows which enhance safety and security.
  • Easy-to-use – Aluminium casement windows are able to be open with minimal effort, making them ideal for inaccessible places and also ideal for elderly.
  • Open completely – Unlike other windows that open moderately, aluminium casement windows open completely, allowing fresh air into your apartment.
  • Power savers – Aluminium casement windows are the most energy efficient type of window. When aluminium casement windows are closed, they disallow the flowing of foreign air content into and out of the house.

Casement windows are a precise and ideal choice for any home or business owner looking for a window that offers easy-to-use, lastingness, constancy, safety, security and versatility.

With these tips and advantages of these two aluminium windows, I hope that you have chosen the ideal aluminium windows that suit your home/ apartment!


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