Do-It-Yourself / DIY Soundproofing

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Do-It-Yourself / DIY Soundproofing

DIY soundproofing

Can’t tolerate noise? Love peace and quiet room? Want to have the world’s quietest room? If you are a DIY person with a bit of remodeling experience, you can handle most soundproofing techniques. It will require:

  • patience
  • the willingness and ability to follow directions.

For effective DIY soundproofing, the devil is in the details, and cutting the wrong corner can destroy the effectiveness of DIY Soundproofing.

If you’re not not able to do the job yourself,A & V contractors can handle the work for you at a low market price, if you can explain what you want done and can specify the materials that you want them to be using.

During DIY soundproofing planning stage, start by taking the time to understand your noise problem and what you want to accomplish. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What is your noise problem?
  • Is the noise coming through the walls, floor, or ceiling?
  • Is the noise airborne (like people’s voices) or structural (like footsteps)?
  • Is the noise high-frequency (like kids yelling or crying) or low-frequency (like music, construction noise, or aircraft)?
  • How much noise needed to be reduced in order to be tolerable for you?
  • Are you willing to tear out walls, floors, or ceilings, or only add on insulation to what’s already there?

Educate yourself about DIY soundproofing techniques and materials, so you will know which approaches apply in your situation and which ones don’t. This will help keep what might be a cheap DIY soundproofing project.

There’s excellent free help available from reputable soundproofing companies like A & V, who will work with you:

  • to select the right approaches
  • materials for your situation and your budget


  • There are misinformation on the internet
  • from some salespeople
  • and from some non–soundproofing specialists
  • Some advice on how to soundproof might be from ten years ago!!!
  • There are new and much better materials and technologies that are available today.

Some internet sources are repeating old myths (using egg crates) on DIY soundproofing that have been disproven.

These DIY soundproofing tips will helps you alot! Choose wisely!

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