Bedroom Doors: Selecting Suitable / Right Bedroom Doors

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Selecting Bedroom Doors

The most basic, preferred and commonly used material for bedroom doors are Wooden Doors. A hollow core Wooden Door is the ideal and accepted choice for the bedroom doors. Wooden doors are very durable and it provides a very elegant look, this is why, naturally, 99% of the world population still like our bedroom doors to be made of wood.  There is a wide range of design options available for you to choose from.

For bedroom doors, Solid and hollow core is available for you to choose from. I will now further elaborate the advantages ad disadvantages of both Solid Core and hollow core:

Solid core

  • It is able to act as a heat and sound insulator, since it embodies a solid piece of material
  • Act as a strong security againist intruders and thieves, as they are very hard to break open
  • More expensive, but more suitable for main / entrance doors
  • Bulky and heavy, it is able to prevail against wear & tear and more durable

Hollow Core

  • Elegant and artistic finishing
  • more affordable as compared to solid core
  • lighter
  • Easy to be break open as comapared to solid core, not suitable for main / entrance door, more suitable for bedroom doors
  • Requires more maintenance
  • It enables heat and air to pass through due to the air pockets within, so not as effective as solid core for insulation


Bedroom DoorsFor Bedroom Doors, these are the three most commonly used materials:

  • Nyatoh
  • Classic
  • Veneer

Nyatoh Doors

– made of Nyatoh

– An alternative to Teak wood

– Very strong

– Dent and mare resistant

Nyatoh doors are commonly used as main doors as it take well to stain and polish. Nyatoh doors are very durable.


Classic Doors

– Classic doors are cost effective

– Provides a simple and elegant finishing

– A wide range of gorgeous modeled front and back panels are available

Classic doors take on colours and varnish beautifully. All these benefits of classic doors allows the owner to customize his/her own apartment accordingly to his/her own preference. It is most commonly used for bedroom doors.


Veneer Doors

– made of veneers

– Veneer doors provides a flat, consistent and uniform panel for main door

– made of thin slices of wood neatly glued together giving a classic and artistic finishing

– Smooth and glossy appearance

– Wide variety of designs and pattern for you to choose from

A & V bedroom doors installations include good quality Door knobs /levers with a standard lock & key function.


Door stopper

Do remember install door stoppers to prevent your doors from unnecessary damages to the handles and the wall.

Hope these information will help you in selecting the right & suitable bedroom doors for your bedroom!



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