BCA Legislative Requirements

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What does BCA stands for? It stands for Building Control Regulations.

BCA Legislative Requirements:

1 Minimum performance standard of windows. It is stipulated in the Building Control
Regulations that the design and installation of windows shall at least meet SPRING Singapore’s
SS 212, which specifies the technical requirements of aluminium alloy windows that are
commonly installed in Singapore.

2 One-off retrofitting exercise. There is a retrofitting requirement for casement windows fitted
with aluminium rivets to be retrofitted with stainless steel rivets. The retrofitting of casement
windows applies to residential buildings only (excluding bungalows, semi-detached/terrace/linked

3 “Approved contractors”. The installation and retrofitting of windows are to be carried out by
an approved contractor registered with the BCA Contractors Registry under the Regulation
Workhead (RW01 – Window Contractors). The approved contractor must be a registered
company with at least 2 trained window installers in the firm as a pre-requisite for registration.
Such conditions are imposed to ensure that only trained personnel that have experience in
installation and retrofitting of windows are allowed to carry out the works. Only contractors
registered under the workhead of RW01 can carry out installation and retrofitting of windows for
private and public projects. The details on the registration requirements are posted on our BCA
website under the “Contractors Registry” at www.bca.gov.sg

4 Retrofitting report. After the casement windows have been retrofitted, the trained
installers must signed on the retrofitting report and hand it over to the owner

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