Aluminium Windows

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A&V Has A Wide Range of Aluminium Windows Products, ranging from Aluminium Casement Windows to Aluminium Sliding Windows to Soundproof Windows.

Aluminium Sliding Windows are the most popular window options out there. Since they operate on sliding mechanisms, the manual effort of operating them is very easy and is more convenient for the elderly.

Advantages of Aluminium Sliding Windows

Advantages for Aluminium Sliding Windows include:

  • provide Clear views – sliding windows offer a large, clear view, allowing better view and increase light intensity
  • Easy-to-use – sliding windows are installed on rollers and can be opened easily. This make sliding windows ideal for elderly.
  • Minimal maintenance – sliding windows have lesser parts than other types of windows. Moreover, sliding windows can easily be disassemble for cleaning.


aluminium windows singaporeAluminium Sliding windows, also called slider windows, require very low maintenance allowing easy external cleaning.

Our aluminium sliding windows come in a wide variety of colour, style, material and finishing options, giving you flexibility in finding the sliding windows that best fit the needs of your home or business.


In Singapore, Aluminium Sliding Windows are the preferred choice for HDB and Condo units.  We have supplied and installed aluminium sliding windows to hundreds of satisfied home owners over the past decade.


Advantages of Aluminium Casement Windows

Advantages of Aluminium Casement Windows include:

  • Provide safety and security – Aluminium casement windows have secured locking mechanism fixed onto the frame of the aluminium casement windows which enhance safety and security.
  • Easy-to-use – Aluminium casement windows are able to be open with minimal effort, making them ideal for inaccessible places and also ideal for elderly.
  • Open completely – Unlike other windows that open moderately, aluminium casement windows open completely, allowing fresh air into your apartment.
  • Power savers – Aluminium casement windows are the most energy efficient type of window. When aluminium casement windows are closed, they disallow the flowing of foreign air content into and out of the house.

Aluminium casement windows are a precise and ideal choice for any home or business owner looking for a window that offers easy-to-use, lastingness, constancy, safety, security and versatility.

Aluminium Casement windows

Aluminium Casement windows are attached to window frame by one or more hinges. They are so easy to open, aluminium casement windows are ideal for hard-to-reach places, such as over countertops and sinks.

Aluminium casement windows have very secure locking mechanisms. Aluminium casement windows have better compression to close tightly against the frame. Therefore, Casement type is mostly used for soundproof windows too.

Aluminium Soundproof Windows reduce the noise levels in your apartment providing you with a peaceful, relaxing atmosphere and surrounding.  Thus, Aluminium Soundproof Windows is one of the number one choice for many homes and offices.

The main reasons for many consumers choosing Aluminium Soundproof windows are:

  • HDB/Condo units are situated near to noise polluted areas like traffics, mrt stations, hawker, construction site etc...
  • Apartment is located near to expressway whereby noise is unavoidable
  • HDB flat situated near playgrounds and coffee shops where children are playing.
  • Inhibit unbearable construction noise in surrounding area
  • Provides more privacy and peace time for the owner
  • Solely want to have a very quiet and peaceful environment and no disturbance from the 'outside world'

aluminium windows singaporeThis is an example of how our Aluminium Soundproof Windows are manufactured. We use the best quality double glazed glass in our Aluminium Soundproof Windows to ensure that you have the maximum reduction of noise from the other side. It consists of two layers of glass with metal in between. This will gives you a 15 mm layer (two 5mm glass sheets separate by 5mm metal strip in the frame). The vacuum in between will inhibit sounds passing through.


Our Aluminium Soundproof Windows are able to reduce up to 50% to 70% noise level based on the level of your unit.  Units situated at the lower floors can typically expect noise reduction of up to 80%.

More benefits of Aluminum Soundproof Windows:

  • Aluminium Soundproof Windows control temperature - Keeps interior cool on a hot day
  • Aluminium Soundproof Windows' thick glass also help to enhance the security of the house and safety of the members.


 Aluminium windows with green glass Blue glass Aluminium Windows
Green Tinted Glass WindowsBlue Tinted Glass Windows
 Grey Glass Aluminium Windows Frosted Glass Aluminium windows
Grey Tinted Glass WindowsFrosted Glass Windows
 Soundproof aluminium windows Top and Bottom Aluminium Windows
Sound Proof Aluminium WindowsTop and Bottom Windows for Corridors
 Aluminium windows with wire glass laminated glass aluminium windows
Top Hung Windows with Wire GlassTop Hung Windows with Laminated Glass
 Corridor aluminium Windows with Push Locks Latice design Aluminium Windows
Corridor Windows with Push Lock Latice Design Windows