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Window Grilles

aluminium window grilles singapore

It is undeniable that home security is of paramount importance for every individual who cares about his/ her family. It is thus imperative to have your windows guarded with grilles to ensure maximum safety, especially if you have children at home. In the past, window grilles are installed to prevent unexpected intrusion or burglary. Today, window grilles also serve as a pre – emptive safety measure, especially for units which are situated on a high storey. With the installation of window grilles in your homes, you do not need to worry if your pets or children might fall off from the opened glass windows.

In the past, window grilles are typically made up of dull vertical or horizontal iron bars. Nevertheless, with the advancement of technology and the discovery of aluminium extrusion and metal bending methods today, it leads to the creation of wide variety of window grilles design. As such, consumers are no longer restricted to the old – fashioned and dull window grilles designs.

In today’s modern age, window grilles are not only meant to safeguard your home but it also appeals in the aesthetic aspects of every home. Therefore, many consumers today prefer to choose a combination of protective materials which give out decorative looks. Commonly, many consumers prefer to choose wrought iron or aluminium type of window grilles. These window grilles come in wide range of colours and lattice frames. In fact, consumers may also opt for the thin steel, un – obstructive invisible window grilles. With the great variety of customization options, you will find that it is easy to protect your home and making it look great at the same time.

At A&V, we offer best quality window grilles which come with reasonable prices. The window grilles will be installed in your home, in accordance to HDB & BCA guidelines. You need not worry as A&V contractor has more than 20 years of experience dealing with aluminium and renovation works. We are registered HDB contractors who you can trust to provide good quality services and products.

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Aluminium window grillesWe are HDB licensed contractors and we install in accordance with HDB & BCA guidelines. All our Aluminium Window Grilles come with a convenient inbuilt lock and key mechanism too.


These are some Aluminium Window Grilles pictures from our satisfied customers:

 Ladder Aluminium window grilles Square Aluminium window grilles
Ladder Aluminium GrillesSquare Aluminium Grilles
 Horizontal aluminium window grilles Wide Aluminium window grilles
Horizontal Aluminium Grilles‘No-Blocking-View’ Aluminium Grilles
 Floral aluminium window grilles 
 Customized Grilles